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Meet Our Staff
Clarissa O

Clarissa Ortega

Western Program Associate
Clarissa is a new Environment for the Americas/Monarch Joint Venture Field Tech intern, supporting the MJV team in monitoring and conserving monarch (and other pollinator) habitat throughout California. Her role includes using both the Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program and Monarch Larva Monitoring Program protocols to help landowners in the Central Valley sustain and expand their habitats, as well as community and education outreach in order to increase our community science efforts on preserving the monarch. Clarissa is a native Californian that graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. During her time in university, she had the opportunity to familiarize herself with flora and fauna throughout CA. Since she was a child she has loved the outdoors and has since grown to be passionate about conservation and restoration of natural habitats. Clarissa has had the opportunity to learn these efforts through various restoration internships and hopes to continue expanding her knowledge during her partnership with MJV. In her free time Clarissa loves to read, travel to new places, and take pictures of plants.