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Overview of Programs

To reach our nation’s ambitious monarch and habitat targets, commitment from a diverse set of stakeholders is required. The MJV works to recruit, educate, and inspire to action a broad spectrum of individuals and entities through the four pillars of our work:

  1. Habitat Conservation
  2. Education and Outreach
  3. Research and Monitoring
  4. Partnerships and Coordination

The Monarch Conservation Implementation Plan drives our work. This plan (updated annually) captures national objectives, actions, and priorities set forth by the MJV partnership in each of these areas.

To better facilitate coordination and cooperation across the United States, the MJV engages partners through working group conversations on different topics, hosts an annual meeting for information sharing and networking, and disseminates information in a variety of ways. The MJV staff team regularly engages partners working in their program areas to help advance our collective goals efficiently and effectively.

Select the appropriate page below to learn more about MJV and partnership initiatives in each of our program areas.