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Program Services

NAMI 2016 Instructor De Cansler Lesson to Growig Good Program MN

Free Services

Kids learn about monarchs up close at tabling event, by Wendy Caldwell

Fee-based Services


MJV staff are available to present to your group or classroom! We offer a variety of ways to connect with your audience, from short question and answer sessions to full on presentations. Format options and topics for these presentations are listed below, and you can be assured that you’ll be getting the most up to date information from knowledgeable experts in monarch conservation. To book a presentation please fill out the presentation and outreach request form.

  • Virtual Q&A with an expert- 30 minutes, live | $30 | Ages: All

  • Live virtual presentation with Q&A (pre-prepared or customized) - 45-60 minutes | $75 | Ages: 4th grade to adults

  • In Person presentation - 45-60 minutes | $150 | Ages: All*

*In person presentations are limited to locations in which MJV staff are based. Scheduling for all presentations is subject to availability of MJV staff. We are most likely to be able to staff or provide in person services in the following locations: Twin Cities region of Minnesota, West Central Wisconsin, Omaha region of Nebraska, St Louis region of Missouri, Central or Northern California, and Northwestern Indiana.

Topics include:

  • Monarch Overview - Life cycle, migration, population, conservation

  • Gardening for Monarchs

  • Monarch Community Science

  • Science updates

  • The “why” of community science

  • Research review updates

If you are interested in having MJV present as a keynote speaker for your conference or meeting, please contact us directly at

Community Science Trainings - Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project is jointly managed by MJV and the University of Wisconsin Madison Arboretum. There are a variety of ways to get trained in this program.

  • Virtual, self-paced training through our learning management system. COMING SOON. Learn more about this program on our Public Classes and Trainings page.

  • Live, virtual training provided jointly by MJV and UW-Madison Arboretum staff. Two to three of these trainings are offered annually between February and May and are specific to geographic regions. Registration for 2 of 3 2024 workshops is now open! Visit to see dates and register. Learn more about this program on our Public Classes and Trainings page.

  • Live virtual training for your group | 2-4 hours, $150/hr plus $100/hr per additional trainer, based on availability.

  • In person training for your group by MJV staff (limited to locations where MJV staff are based) | 2-8 hours, $150/hr/trainer, based on availability.

For questions regarding MLMP training by MJV staff please contact General questions about MLMP can be sent to

Professional Development Education Programs

Two teachers learn about insects at NAMI workshop, by Mike Rizo.

The Monarchs and More Educator Institute (MMEI) is an education program of the Monarch Joint Venture focusing on professional development for K-12 classroom teachers and informal educators. This program includes the North American Monarch Institute (NAMI) workshop and the Advanced Schoolyard Ecology Explorations (ASEE) workshop with the Monarchs and More curriculum forming the backbone of the program.

Learn more about how to attend one of our workshops or book one for your school or organization here. Please contact with questions and to book a professional development education workshop.

Applied Research

Work with Monarch Joint Venture on your applied monarch and pollinator habitat research or monitoring project. These projects typically include field-based data collection, entry, and analysis. MJV will work with you to identify the best MJV-supported research protocol for your project and ensure deliverables (e.g., site distribution, frequency of surveys) meet your project goals and timeline. These types of projects often support local or grant-related monitoring objectives, specific research questions, and development of long-term monitoring plans or technology.

  • Cost: $10,000 - $150,000. Contact to discuss your project and pricing.

  • Variables: Geography (extent and location), number of field technicians, number and frequency of site visits, housing type and availability, and complexity of analysis and reporting

Please contact with questions and to work with us on applied research.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Partner with Monarch Joint Venture to conduct analysis of your project’s data or create specialized reports. These projects typically include analysis of a dataset the contractor has acquired, development of graphics or visuals, and summarization of results for a specific audience. MJV staff will work with you to identify options for analyzing your data, opportunities to expand your dataset via other existing programs (e.g., the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project), and how to frame outputs for your desired audience.

  • Cost: $2,500 - $15,000. Contact to discuss your project and pricing.

  • Variables: Size and condition of dataset, acquisition of other datasets, number and depth of analyses, number and type of visual products, extent of collaboration on any report product.

Please contact with questions about partnering on data analysis and reporting.