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Make Way for Monarchs Joins the Monarch Joint Venture

Sep 22, 2015


  • MJV Partnership News

Make Way for Monarchs Alliance is the newest partner to join the Monarch Joint Venture. Make Way for Monarchs brings together farmers, scientists, writers and artists to raise awareness about the dilemma faced by monarchs and milkweed across North America. We are pleased to welcome the Arizona and North Carolina based grassroots organization into our partnership.

In the organization’s first year, Make Way for Monarchs has educated and engaged the public in the effort to conserve monarchs through several methods. On their website, they published two hundred articles, blogs, new maps, photos and drawings of monarchs and milkweeds. They have engaged the public in training workshops and events, and been involved in milkweed seed collection, propagation and training. Make Way for Monarchs also recently brought together a team to write an NRCS regional technical note in the US on milkweeds and pollinators in the Southwest, featuring the high diversity of Asclepias from West a Texas to Arizona and Nevada.

Make Way for Monarchs is made up of a board of 20 advisors from three North American countries, and is voluntarily run. Their goals are collaborative conservation of the milkweed-wildflower interactions with monarchs and 100 native bee species, as well as hands-on training for citizen-scientists in under-served areas.

Make Way for Monarchs has a wide bilingual reach, and encourages a wide variety of audiences to get involved to protect monarchs. For example, Make Way for Monarchs focuses a portion if it's training and outreach on Mexican and Native American communities teaching milkweed propagation in border-towns from Big Bend to the Colorado River delta with National Park Service support.

Monarch Joint Venture is excited to bring Make Way for Monarchs into our coalition of more than 30 organizations working together to conserve monarch populations and their migration! Visit the Make Way for Monarchs website for more information about their work.