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MJV’s Regional Pollinator Habitat Specialist - Wynter Vaughan

May 04, 2020

The MJV is excited to introduce Wynter Vaughan, our newest employee based in Rio Vista, California. Wynter is the Regional Pollinator Habitat Specialist working to support habitat creation on private working lands in central California, an important breeding region for the western monarch population. By engaging with farmers and other community stakeholders, she will help increase awareness, direct people to information and financial resources, and provide continued support to help sustain these activities. As MJV’s only California based employee, Wynter is excited to help expand partnership opportunities for MJV in the western landscape. 

Briefly, her work involves guiding farmers through the steps of habitat conservation planning, installation, and management. She will engage with western partners of the Monarch Joint Venture, as well as other stakeholders, to share information and promote successful projects. She will also provide demonstrations, outreach, presentations, and workshops to recruit and increase land managers' involvement. Through an initial grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Wynter aims to help create 50 project conservation plans and aid farmers in voluntarily conserving at least 500 acres of pollinator habitat. 

Born and raised in a small rural town located on the Delta portion of the Sacramento River, Wynter is passionate about environmental conservation work in her home area. She attended Sonoma State University, receiving two bachelor's degrees in Environmental Studies and Planning and Geography. While attending college she interned at environmental organizations, volunteered on farms, and worked in native plant gardens. After graduating she worked for the City of Rio Vista for two years writing ordinances, helping with grants, surveying the community, attending many meetings on behalf of the city, and advocating for the public to city officials.  

Please reach out to Wynter to connect her with local partners or landowners in the Central Valley, or if you have any questions!  

You can learn more about Wynter here.


Wynter Vaughan

Regional Pollinator Habitat Specialist

(651) 222-7631 Ext: 714