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MLMP Online Training Series Released

May 01, 2013


  • Community Science

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project coordinators worked with All Day Video to create an online training series. The MJV and MLMP are proud to announce that the training series is ready for viewing on the MLMP website—!

While hands-on training has a lot of advantages, the online training is available to everyone who wants to learn about monarchs and the MLMP, wherever and whenever you want to learn. You’ll be able to pick and choose topics from a series of short videos that will be useful to both new and existing volunteers. The training includes information on basic monarch biology (from the life cycle to the migration) and MLMP activities, and even has background on filling out data sheets. The series of eleven videos range from 2 to 7 minutes in length and feature Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Wendy Caldwell, Kelly Nail, and Kelly Duhn as narrators.

The videos include amazing photographs of monarchs and monitoring, most of which are volunteer contributions. While you monitor this season, please document your experience with photos and stories. We love to hear about and see the work that you are doing to help monarchs!

We hope that you’ll utilize this training resource to review and re-energize before the upcoming monitoring season. Share the training with friends and family by word of mouth or a social media interface! The videos can be viewed directly from our website, but are also available on YouTube. MLMP coordinators would love your feedback about the videos; there is a link to a survey on the main training page for this feedback, but email works too ( Finally, when you have completed the training you have the option to print an MLMP Online Training Certificate of Completion to display your new expertise in monarch monitoring.