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Monarch Joint Venture partners with National Park Service

Dec 18, 2014


  • MJV Partnership News

The MJV recently formalized a partnership with the National Park Service to aid in conservation of the iconic monarch butterfly. This partnership will play a key role in engaging citizens from across the country in monarch conservation, monitoring, and education in our national parks. In 2013, the number of recreational visits to National Parks reached 274 million. In developing this partnership, we hope to reach as many of those visitors as possible to improve our nation’s knowledge and awareness of the need for monarch conservation. To do this, we will work with NPS to integrate existing educational materials, resources, and programs wherever possible.

In addition to sharing information and increasing awareness of park visitors, we’re also excited about the potential of improving habitat for monarchs in and near national parks. There are 401 park sites within the National Park System, which covers more than 84 million acres. These parks serve as home to many species of plants and animals, including monarchs. Through educational opportunities and awareness, citizen science engagement, habitat restoration and pollinator conservation efforts, the National Park Service will be a key partner in achieving mutual goals protecting and preserving the monarch for future generations. Lastly, NPS volunteers and staff will play an important role in expanding monarch citizen science monitoring efforts. Many partners within the MJV coordinate citizen science programs to further our understanding of monarchs. Breeding and migrating habitats within our national parks are perfect areas to engage citizen scientists in many different monarch focused programs.

With the recent addition of the National Park Service, the MJV partnership has reached 21 organizations, ranging from federal agencies to nature centers. As this partnership continues to expand, MJV’s coordinated efforts to conserve monarch butterflies grows stronger and stronger.

To learn more about the National Park Service, please visit their website:

Also, check out their great monarch video featuring Yosemite National Park: