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Three ways to get milkweed plugs for Spring 2019

Nov 27, 2018


  • MJV Partnership News

As we celebrate the holidays with tables filled with produce brought to us by pollinators (cranberries, pumpkins, apples, herbs, coffee, chocolate, peppers, tomatoes, etc.), populations of monarch butterfly are still struggling across their North American range. They need milkweeds and other nectar-bearing native wildflowers to be planted across the landscape to support their amazing tri-national annual migration. Help out our pollinator friends this holiday by ordering milkweed plugs for spring!

Many gardeners, farmers, conservationists, and other land managers find it tricky to find locally appropriate milkweed plants. Help is here! Our partners at the non-profit, Monarch Watch, have created the Milkweed Market to offer low cost or free (for non-profits and schools) milkweed plugs for your pollinator gardens or larger-scale projects. Monarch Watch distributed over 147,000 milkweed plugs in 2018 through partnering nurseries in Kansas, Oklahoma, California, and Florida. Simply order ahead of time (now) to make sure suppliers can meet the upcoming year's demand. Preorders and early applications are necessary to help determine how many plants are needed for production.

Three ways to get milkweed plugs for Spring 2019:

  1. Purchase young milkweed plants by the flat through the Milkweed Market:
  2. Funding is in place to distribute 100,000 FREE milkweeds for restoration projects, which provides free milkweeds for large scale (2+ acres) habitat restorations on both private and public lands. Monarch Watch is currently accepting applications for Spring 2019:
  3. A separate grant is available so schools and educational non-profit organizations can apply for one free flat of milkweed at this link:

Thank you for your help in spreading the word and planting more milkweed for monarchs. If you do not see milkweed available for you now, re-visit the Milkweed Market later to see if they have added products based on new seed acquisitions. Please contact Dena Podrebarac at Monarch Watch with any questions at

Please share this with opportunity with your friends, neighbors, and other networks, and Happy Holidays!